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     YANGJIANG QUANXING HOUSEWARE LNDUSTRY CO.,LTD & Cutlery Products Factory of Yangjiang,locating in the seaside tour city of south China sea--Yangjiang City Of Guangdong,we have become a professinonally standard enterprise for manufacturing of scissors, owing advanced equipment, consummate product crafwork process and professional design ers of products.

     For all the time, we have been arranging our production and management by leaning on"THE TRUSTWORTHINESS AND RESPECT-WORK、THE DEVELOPMENT AND CREATIVENESS",and"THE QUALITY GUARANTEES、SINCERITY COOPERATION、PRESTIGE THE FIRST"as pursuit of our principle, have won the customers reliance and praise from domestic and international markets, and our products have been selling all over China and worldwide.

     We welcome the customers from domestic and overseas to contact us by E-mail, postal or phone call for our wide ranges, consummate craft and reasonable price. And we are in a position to develop and process together with you by your drawings or samples.




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